About Us

Dr. Rhonda Ellison purchased Calera Animal Hospital on November 30, 2000. We started with 1 doctor, 2 exam rooms, 1 surgery table and 3 full time employees. Currently, we have 3 doctors, 4 exam rooms, 2 surgery tables, and 7 full time employees.

We work closely with the Shelby Humane Society and Animal Assistance & Rescue Foundation (AARF) as well as many other rescue groups. We love working with animals of all sizes. Our patients’ health and well-being is top priority. We strive to provide best quality medicine and provide excellent education to give you and your pet an invaluable experience.

We use state of the art technology to assist in the diagnosing of our patients. This includes Digital X-ray Imaging, IDEXX Lasercyte blood profiles, urinalysis, and a top of the line staff to perform these procedures. We also carry the most effective products in preventive care at competitive prices. We offer hospitalization for the sick patients, and we offer boarding for the clients who travel.

Today, more than ever pets have become important family members. When your pet is sick or hurt, you want the best possible care for them. Our Hospital is staffed by skilled doctors and technicians, capable of handling the most complicated and demanding medical and surgical procedures. Quality patient care and client satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our goal at Calera Animal Hospital is to provide your pet with the best medical care and make this experience as easy for you as possible. Since all of the hospital staff members are pet owners themselves, we understand the love that you have for your pet. Each patient seen at our hospital receives the utmost in veterinary care and attention from the moment he/she arrives.

Calera Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital. Whether your pet is a playful puppy or a cat entering the golden years, he or she will receive the best care here at Calera Animal Hospital.