Barn Buddies

Barn Buddies

Got mice? A Barn Buddy may be the solution to your problem.

What are Barn Buddies?

Barn Buddies are cats that are given a second chance at life, which come from a local humane society. These are typically independent cats, which love to be outdoors. Even though they are independent, Barn Buddies do rely on people for their basic needs such as shelter, food, and water.

About Barn Buddies

All Barn Buddies are:

  • Spayed/ Neutered
  • Up to Date on their Rabies Vaccination

Adopting a Barn Buddy

Adoption of a Barn Buddy is FREE. Just stop by our clinic and pick out your favorite(s). All you have to do is fill out some paperwork. Make sure you bring a carrier or you can buy an economical pet carrier.

Want to see our available Barn Buddies? Come into the clinic or go to our Facebook page and check them out:


During the month of January 2019, we will welcome all NEW clients with a FREE office visit. This is a $39 value. To get this discount, you MUST tell us at the time you make the appointment that you saw this special on our web site or on our Facebook page.